Best ereader And Tablets for Travel (Information)

Best ereader for Travel Overview

For bookworms, having a book to read is a must whenever and wherever. You have to wait in a queue, no problem, you have your book with you!

Best ereader And Tablets for Travel tips

You were too early for class and got nothing to do before? Then your book also got you covered. However, when you travel, it may be inconvenient to bring a book with you as it would take up extra space in your luggage and extra weight to bring also. Check out Best ereader And Tablets for Travel on Amazon

Especially if you do not know which book to read yet But there is a solution for that. Why not get an e-reader?

Ereaders are great because you’ve got so many books in your hands with just one device. After you finished a book, you can easily read another one without moving from where you are seated at all.

Don’t know which one to get or the things that you must consider when getting one? This article will be your guide on how to choose the best e-reader for travel.

What to look for when buying the best ereader for travel

Weight. Of course, you have to consider the weight of your e-reader. Make sure that it is lightweight as not to strain your hand when holding it. Moreover, what’s the sense of getting a heavy e-reader, one that is as heavy as a thick hardbound book?

Battery Life. You must consider this. How long does the battery of your ereader last?

Waterproof. This is great when you are going on vacation especially on a beach trip. Imagine lying down at the side of the swimming pool in your bathing suit and being able to read with your waterproof ereader? No worries, right?

Inclusions. Some ereaders do not have chargers with them when you purchase them. Ereaders with inclusions are so much better.

Screen Size. This will depend on your needs. Perhaps you want something with a bigger screen.

Light. You have to consider the light of the screen if it is adjustable if it provides enough light for you to be able to read in the dark and many others.

Storage Space. Of course, you would want an ereader with lots of storage space for more books.

Audiobook Feature. This is an additional feature. Tired of reading? Perhaps you could listen. Ereaders with audiobook features are really great too!

The best tablet for travel

Carrying a computer in recent years is a vital thing to consider while traveling. Without an internet connection traveling around the world, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you bring an Android phone with you, you’re going to be able to find a lot of places with just swipes and taps. Below are some of the best tablet for traveling.

Below are 6 best tablet for travel

1. Motorola Xoom

Traveling with Motorola Xoom will bring fun and relaxation to your life. This Android tablet comes with a new Honeycomb App that uses new technology.

It has a new Tegra 2 processor that supports 3 G, 4 G, and GPS. It has two cameras: a 5mp camera on the back and a 2mp camera on the front.

Use this GPS-enabled tablet to search the internet, take photos, play games, listen to music, and explore maps to find a spot. Essentially, the tablet does great things, and when you’re on the road, it’s very impressive that it brings you joy.

2. Samsung Galaxy

With the dual camera, memory capacity up to 32 GB, 3 GB, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the Samsung Galaxy Tab makes travel fun and secure.

The 4000mAh battery from the Galaxy Tab gives you enough power to search the web for 7 hours of Wi-Fi usage a day. The overall look of the tablet is truly top-notch. The 7-inch frame is easy to hold and carry, especially when traveling. Check out Best ereader And Tablets for Travel on Amazon

3. Lenovo IdeaPad UI hybrid

The IdeaPad is useful when you regularly fly because you can work easily with this tab. It comes with a 10.1-inch screen and an Intel processor, a dual camera, and a 32 GB ram. You can easily browse the web with 3 G and Wi-Fi connections and check your email address.

What’s good about it is that you can conveniently dock it in a separate keyboard that allows it to act as a notebook computer. It has a battery life of up to 8 hours and is running Windows 7 Premium Home. The price may be as high as $1300, but it’s very attractive. In reality, the amazing features are offering you the value of your money.

4. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer

Best ereader And Tablets for Travel

This 10.1-inch Android tablet display runs for 8 hours and features a dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor with a dual camera: a 5-mp rear camera and a 2-mp front camera.

It also includes full Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and HDMI configurations. This is a great media player that supports a wide range of media formats, including 1080-pixel video files. You’ll watch full-length movies on long trips with excellent battery life.

5. Acer Iconia Tab

This Android tablet features nice features, including a 10.1-inch touch screen display, an integrated gyroscope, and a Tegra 2 interface. It lets you enjoy 1080 HD videos with a 16 GB data storage space. It’s got a 5mp tracker, too. Acer Iconia Tab provides flexibility and comfort in high-speed applications when you’re on the go.

6. Ipad: This is an Apple brand that is one of the best in the industry, so do not forget to check it out.


There are so many things that you have to consider when getting an e-reader especially if it is the one that you think would be the best for you when you travel. Check out Best ereader And Tablets for Travel on Amazon

But it all comes down to your preferences and your budget. But the aforementioned are the things that are essential plus a few add ons to help you decide on which to get.