Reasons To Visit France - Amazing Attraction PlacesIf you are in search of a dream holiday destination then France is definitely the best place for you. From exquisite coastline stretches to snow-capped peaks. There’s an adventure for every tourist to enjoy somewhere between the city, the sea and the community around. Hence, whether you’re in search of the scintillating lights of a modern city or a quiet home away from the hustle of the busy city, here are amongst the reasons to visit in France! Reasons To Visit France – Amazing Attraction Places will tell you about France.

Best places to visit in France

Paris-as many already know is not only considered as the most beautiful city on the planet, but it is also a totem of top-class fashion and outstanding architecture. From amazing coffee shops, restaurants and bars to all sorts of music events. There is definitely something for everyone!

foire SalonSt Jean Pied de Port – An ancient village in the Pyrenees, on the route to Santiago de Compostela.

Carcassonne – a perfect example of a preserved Roman and medieval fortified town.

Bordeaux- is a wine city that offering you experiences beyond your expectations! The vineyards covering the region will often occupy your days for visits to the vineyard and wine tasting.

Nantes – Jules Verne was born here, the renovated Ile de Nantes wharfs considered a vibrant community of technology, restaurants, and breathtaking creative arts.

Burgundy-Burgundy is an ideal place for wine lovers. With a local atmosphere, you enjoy a very remarkable holiday.

Marseille- Marseille is a perfect summer getaway! It offers many experiences including fishing, hiking or just relaxing on the beach.

When is the best time to visit France?

tourist destinationThe best time to visit France is from April-May and September-October. Considerably the best blend of good weather and off-peak prices. The weather in France is impeccable from June to August. However, summer is also the most crowded time; hence, being very expensive. For pocket-friendly travel rates and the significantly reduced crowd, plan a visit in the fall if a travel deal is all that you’re after, a visit during the winter will surely minimize travel expenses.

Is France a safe place to live in?

Absolutely yes. Paris remains a safe city to travel to. Our contacts say there is a tight security level in the city. Here are a few things to consider before you travel:

Safety warnings: entire Europe is on high terror alert and no-one can predict if another terrorist attack will occur. The best is to remain vigilant always and give yourself plenty of time to get to/and in airports and train stations while traveling.

When touring, it’s always good to have your country’s embassy contact details. Nonetheless, should you run into any problem or emergency, dial 112?

Are Hotels expensive in France?

Chateau in franceIt depends. France is more expensive than Spain but less expensive than England or Germany. As a tourist, it’s not so much the nominal cost as the value for money.

Are foods expensive in France?

The quality is key for the comparison. Food is exquisite in France with the world’s finest cuisines that’s why there are some following reasons for it;

l French cuisines are world famous.

l French food is served with wine.

l Ambience of the beautiful restaurants’ matter too.

An average meal in Paris might cost you 10–15 Euros for 1 person. However, street food is not very expensive. In the end, quality comes with a price.

Is flight to France expensive?

Loire de FranceNo. Flights to France aren’t expensive since there is so much competition along the routes. The legacy airlines, which includes: British Airways and Air France only fly to France’s major cities. In addition to these, there numerous low-cost airlines, such as Norwegian, Easyjet, Jet2, Flybe and Ryan air offering cheaper flights to France and serving smaller cities and towns such as Montpellier (MPL), Lille (LIL) and Nantes (NTE). Also noteworthy is, using online flight-comparison and booking apps to book a cheap flight to France.

What are the biggest mistakes people make when visiting France?

Tourists tend to disrespect the language and the culture rather than embracing it. Learn to say “Bonjour” to greet someone in a shop, restaurant or hotel before asking for any service. And “Au revoir” when you are exiting. It is considered respectful and polite. Consider learning a few key words and phrases in French, it will go a long way towards making your trip easy and thrilling.

France is a beautifully diverse country, full of breathtaking cuisines, boundless architecture and wonderful scenery and culture. Their high-speed TGV train remains unparalleled. Finally, like with any country you ought to do some research before you travel. For me, reading about a state and trying to communicate in the accepted manner and respect, is part of the fun of the adventure… Now move on with your Wanderlust self! Enjoy your time in France!