There Are Many Reasons To Visit JapanIf you are a travel addict or a curious adventurer, then Japan should definitely be among the list of places you plan to visit. You will have endless things to feast your senses on, from the exquisite and unique food to the architecture. The natural scenery perfectly infused with man-made structures will also catch your eye. However, nothing is quite as extraordinary as the Japanese culture. Its longevity and sacredness are things you can only experience firsthand. Below are some of the things to know while you plan to visit Japan. There Are Many Reasons To Visit Japan will guide you through Japan attractions.

What Are the Amazing Places to Visit Japan?

Like any other country, it would be an incomplete trip if you went to Japan but did not visit its capital Tokyo. You can make this your first or last destination when in Japan. Tokyo has countless things to offer a first-time visitor depending on the time of the year you get there. The most impressive and entertaining activities that will definitely have you wanting more are the summer festivals. The parades can go all summer long with thousands of fireworks displays during this time, but those are not the only events Japan is known for. Here are a few suggested places that you may like to peak at.

  • Shizuoka

japan night view pic.All locomotive and general antique fans will find this place dazzling. This is home to one of the most classical trains in Japan. You will get to ride the old school way with loud engines and old coaches, looking at the beautiful scenery from your window. You will also get to traverse through areas that other modes of transportation might not be able to go through thereby seeing parts of Japan that most people miss.

  • Nagano

Nagano is home to several mountains and hills that carry with them unmatched views. Hikers and climbers from all over the world visit this place for the refreshing and memorable experience. Mt Shirouma that sits almost 3000 meters above sea level offers both a spiritual and physical adventure for those that choose to climb it.

  • Wakayama

japan natureWhat is a visit to Japan without visiting one of its most sacred and long living areas? Wakayama is home to a Buddhist clan that has been in practice for more than 1000 years. Visiting their mountain monastery will give you a deeper look into their spiritual beliefs. You will also get a taste of their culture and way of life. Not to mention the perfect atmosphere that the high altitude offers all year round.

These are just some of the numerous areas that you should visit. Here is a list of more less-visited yet very captivating places to visit in Japan.

When Should I Visit Tokyo?

As mentioned earlier, the summer in Tokyo is full of festivities, which might be the best way for you to experience truly the city’s potential. However, there are several factors to consider when choosing the best time for a trip. For example, think about the things you want to do while in Tokyo. Also, consider the seasons that you enjoy traveling in. Lastly, your budget plays a huge role in determining when to fly over to the amazing city. Tourist peak seasons tend to be more expensive than the rest of the times.

Is Tokyo a Safe Place to Live In?

amazing PictureAll big cities in the world have both safe and not so safe areas. According to the US embassy in Japan, Tokyo is relatively safer than most cities in the USA. Even so, some criminal cases still emerge especially during the nightlife. As a tourist, you are advised to go for night adventures with a companion. You should also always avoid being too intoxicated to avoid being an easy target. Some of the safest neighborhoods to stay in while in Tokyo can be found in this list, while some of the most dangerous ones are here.

Are Hotels Expensive in Japan?

You can always find a hotel that fits your budget in Japan depending on the length of your visit and the level of luxury you require. Japan has two distinct accommodation styles. The Western style offers hotel accommodations similar to what you would get back at home. These can cost you anything between $50 and $500 per night.

Then there is the Japanese style, which offers different kinds of accommodation from monastery inns to capsule rooms. These are much cheaper and can go for $30 to $200 per night. In the event that you are staying in Japan for much longer, then getting an apartment for roughly $400 per month would be much cheaper and convenient.

Is Flight to Japan Expensive?

japan pictureThe average price for a return ticket from the USA to Japan costs $1,400 for an economy class. This price fluctuates depending on the seasons and duration of the visit. If you were planning to stay in Japan for more than a month, then perhaps getting a one-way ticket would be a cheaper option as you can get a ticket as cheap as $440. The departure and arrival terminals also play a role in the final price of the ticket.

Are Car Rentals Expensive?

The city you will be visiting will determine the necessity and price of a car rental. The type of car also determines its cost. Here is an approximation of what it might cost you for a rental car in Japan. However, you should know that in big cities such as Tokyo, it is better and easier to commute using public transportation. In fact, the subway system in Japan is so advanced that you can get almost anywhere in the city within a few minutes and without the hustle of traffic. If you are in large groups, however, rental cars can come in handy especially when you are traveling long distances.


Whether you are a foodie, cultural addict, an explorer or an old soul that enjoys ways of the past, Japan is the one place that offers these and much more. All you need is a camera, an open heart and someone to enjoy the amazing experiences with.